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A's & A's Alterations and additions
AB Dab (see Dabtoe) Stokers term for a Seaman (an AB whose main job was to dab paint on things). 
Adqual Additional qualifications
Adrift Late for work or duty
AFO Admiralty Fleet Orders - see DCI
Aggie on horseback Weston-Super-Mare
Aggie Weston's Royal Sailors Rests
Airy Fairy Derogatory name for Fleet Air Arm personnel
Alaskan highway Area of deck on a carrier to the starboard side of the island not part of the flight deck
All about Astute 
All boots and gaiters Parade or Gunnery Instructor
All for it Enthusiastic (sometimes ironically) 
All hands in  Everybody
Ambeet/Amtoot Nickname for cheapest Maltese wine
Amp tramp Electrical rating
Anchor-faced   Enthusiastic about the Royal Navy (see Pusser)  
Andrew (The) The Royal Navy
Animal Sailor whose social and sexual activity would be considered excessive by normal standards
Arse bandit  Homosexual  
Arseholed  Very drunk  
Arse over tit Head over heels  
At the rush As fast as possible


Babies heads (1)Tinned Steak and Kidney pudding or (2) Painful stretch of anal sphincter after bout of constipation
Babies ration packs Females breasts
Badger Steam catapult operator onboard proper aircraft carriers
Bag off Sexual intercourse
Bag shanty  A brothel  
Ball and chain Wife
Banjo Filled baguette
Banyan Beach party where lots of beer is drunk
Barbary Coast Senglea marina across from HMS St Angelo home of the Fellowship Bar, Glory of England, Manchester Bar, The Black Cat etc.
Baron strangler   Taking advantage of someone well off    
Barrack stanchion Sailor who seems to be able to avoid sea drafts
Bash Casual Naval acquaintance
Bashing the Bishop Masturbating
Basket weaving course Spell in Z Ward in RVH Netley (now closed) near Southampton 
Beef/Beefer Homosexual
Beef Screen Ship's butcher's ready use store
Beer, big eats, bag off back on board Jack's ideal run ashore
Beer tokens Money
Belay  Stop or cease doing something
Bellfin Stinking/smelly
Biffins bridge Connecting tissue between vulva and anus or the shelf between the "playpen" and the "gash chute"
Bible basher Regular church attender "in extremis"
Big eats    Pay week meal ashore  
Bilge (A load of) Talking rubbish
BITS Beans in tomato sauce (see Herrings in)
Black catter   Someone who tops your story  
Black enamel bastard Lucky chap - from the days before Chromium Plating was seen as first class finishing, black enamel (japanning) was used to upgrade ordinary metal objects for a superior finish.
Black gang Stokers
Black ham Mombasa ladies of the night
Blank week    Week in which no payday
Blowdown (A good) A good shit
Blow-through   Sexual intercourse  
Blue Casual Naval acquaintance
Bluebell Metal polish
Blue Card man Special dutyman not required for standard duty watch
Blue Liners Navy issue cigarettes
Bluey Free airmail letter from operational area eg Iraq
Blushing & farting  Shy, embarrassed  
Boats Submarines
Bo'ness beastie Slang name for ladies of that town who used to frequent the Flotilla Club at South Queensferry
Bombay Runner Large cockroach
Bombhead Aircraft Armourer responsible for fitting & removing ejection seats, missiles, bombs & rockets to Naval aircraft
Bootneck Royal Marine
Both watches Muster of hands at the start of the working day
Bramah Success attained with extreme difficulty
Brass hat Commanders & above cap
Bravo Zulu (BZ) Well done!
Brightwork Any brass fitting that has to be polished eg Ship's Bell
Bristol fashion Neat and tidy as in all shipshape and Bristol fashion
Brothel creepers Soft soled shoes
Brown Clown See brownhatter
Brown Nose Person who snivels round superiors to curry favour
Brownhatter or Brownjob  Homosexual
Brownhatters handlebars Long sideburns or long moustache
Brownhatters overalls Pyjamas
Brownhatters scrambling net String vest
Brownhatters tea party Fairly loose meaning for a gathering
Bubble head Navy Diver (see also Deeps)
Bubbly   Pussers rum – grog – tot  
Bucket of shit Friendly greeting as in Me old bucket o' shit how's it goin
Buffer Chief Bosun's Mate
Buffing up Polishing brightwork (see above)
Bug run Parting in one's hair
Buggers grips Tufts of hair grown on cheeks (popular in Nelson's day)
Buggery board Metal sheet separating two bunks (usually with ventilation holes)
Bugis Street Singapore Red Light area famous for Kytais (re-vamped 1985 now trendy shopping centre/tourist attraction ) 
Bum fodder Toilet paper
Bunrun (The) Wardroom
Bunch of bastards Length of tangled rope that will take some undoing
Bunting Tosser Tactical signals branch rating
Burberry (Rub of) Lend me your raincoat
Burma Doo Bermuda
Burma Road/Way Below decks passageway forward to aft
Button Wooden cap on top of a mast - see Truck
Button boy Junior seaman on top of the mast (HMS Ganges)
Buttons (got his/hers) Promoted to Chief Petty Officer
Buzz    Rumour  


Caboosh Small work compartment, store, office, hideaway 
Cackle the fat  Idle chatter
Cackleberry Boiled egg
Call the hands Naval reveille
Calling for hooey Spewing
Can Man See Canteen Damager
Can spanner Tin opener
Canteen boat  Junior Captain – gets all the shit jobs  
Canteen Damager NAAFI Canteen Manager
Can't see me suit Bootneck or pongo in camouflage kit 
Catch the boat up  Contract a venereal disease  
C.D.F. Commonsense.  Common dog f*** 
Channel night Last night at sea PU before getting into base port 
Cheesy 'ammy eggy Toast with bacon on top covered in a cheese mixture and topped with an egg
Chew and Spew Cafe next to HMS Tamar in the 60's
Chicken on a raft Eggs on toast
Chinese wedding cake Rice pudding with currants  
Chippy Shipwright
Chippy's mate Shipwright's assistant
Chokie laundry Chinese laundry
Chokka Upset
Chop Chop Get a move on.  Hurry up.
Chop one off Salute
Chuck up Praise for a job well done
Chuffed Very pleased  
Chuffs & Puffs Chiefs and Petty Officers
Cinderella leave Leave until midnight only
Civvy/Civvies Non-Service personnel/ Civilian clothing (out of uniform)
Clacker Pie crust
Clanky Someone in the engineer branch
Clear lower deck All personnel to muster 
Clear your yardarm Ensure no blame will come to you if something goes wrong
Clews Cords from which a hammock is slung (see nettles)
Close to the wind Living dangerously
Close up Go to your action station/place of duty etc
Closing down to Zulu Alpha Three matelots and a young lady in a ménage a quatre
Clubswinger Physical Training Instructor - PTI 
Coil one down Have a sh*t in an unusual place
Cook of the Mess Prepare meals for the mess & clean up
Cock and arse party Officers cocktail party
Colours Ceremonial hoisting/lowering of White Ensign
Comic Cuts Sailors confidential or promotion reports
Con Control of ship's steering
Condensing snot  Snoring  
Corkhead Isle of Wight resident who catches the ferry for Pompey ship/shore base
Corticene Pussers linoleum (usually red in colour)
Counterpane hurdling Sex
Crab Air Air travel courtesy of the RAF 
Crabfat RAF personnel
Crabhutch or crabby Not very clean
Crab ladder Strip of hair growing from the pubic area to the navel
Crabs   Pubic lice, often known as “crutch crickets”  
Crash/Crash out Go to bed
Cross the bar Die - He's crossed the bar ie left life's harbour
Crossing the line Equator/Arctic/Antarctic
Crusher  Regulating Petty Officer
Crutch Hammock Sanitary towel
CUMDAFFERS Clear up messdecks and flats for evening rounds
CSB   Courage Sparkling Bitter - strong ale brewed for HM Ships


D by P Discharge by purchase (forerunner to PVR)
Dabtoe Seaman
Daddy "S" Commander in Supply Branch
Deeks Royal Naval Detention Quarters
Deeps Navy diver or Submariner
DCI Defence Council Instructions succeeded AFO's circa 1960
Deckhead survey Sleeping
Dghajsa (sounds Diso) Harbour rowing boat peculiar to Malta
Dhobey Wash/bath/shower
Dhobey bucket Bucket used for crashing out clean clothes
Dhobey dust Soap powder
Dhobey hitch Unrecognisable knot which comes undone easily
Dhobey rash Red rash caused by not rinsing clothes properly
Dhobey Wallah Laundryman (normally Chinese)
Dig in/out  Help yourself – “fill yer boots”  
Dip To fail
Dip in/Dipped in Strike lucky
Dip out/Dipped out Lose out on something  
Dip your wick  Have sexual intercourse  
Ditch Dispose of permanently
Ditty Box Where Jack keeps his prized possessions
Divisions Formal parade or how Departments are split
Dockyard jellyfish Green gob of phlegm
Dockyard matey Dockyard "worker"
Dockyard oyster Green gob of phlegm floating in water
Dockyard pizza Vomit
Dockyard runaround Being messed about
Dockyard tortoise Cornish pasty
Dode More than a smidgen
Dog robbers  Civilians
Doggo Ugly, usually ungallantly of a woman  
Dog Watch (in for a) Derogatory term for a sailor who has only been in RN for a short time
Dog Watches 1600 to 1800 First Dog.  1800 to 2000 Last Dog
Dog's bollocks Great
Dollar bosun Paymaster/ Supply Officer /Senior Writer Rating
Doofer  Half smoked cigarette (do fer later)  
Doofa scope Telescope
Double breasted matelot Coarse name for Wren (now female sailors)
Draft Chit Movement order to another ship/unit
Drafty Person/office that issues draft chits
Draw one off Punch or slap
Drip  Moan, complain  
Drip chit Complaint form
Drop test Electrical version of Float Test
DTS Dinner time session or Dartmouth Training Squadron
Duck run derby Popular run ashore race with knicks round ankles and coin clenched in buttocks which has to be deposited in a pint jug.
Duff, Up the Pregnant
Duff up Give a hiding to
Dung hampers Underpants - see keks


Ear pounding Bollicking
Ease springs Go for a comfort break (pee)
Egg Banjo Eggs in a long bread roll (similar to a French stick) smothered in ketchup or brown sauce.  Usually obtained East of Suez. 
Egyptian AFO's Pornographic books  with poor spelling - see AFO
Elmer An American
Essence Word to describe something beautiful (usually female)
Exped Adventurous training


Falls Ropes for raising/lowering boats (see marry the falls)
Fang farrier Dentist
Fanny Container for liquids eg Rum Fanny
Fanny Bowser Transport from Wrennery to workplace on Naval Air Stations
Fanny rat  Womaniser
Fast black Taxi (orig Singapore)
Father Famine Caterer etc or Supply Officer responsible for food
Feed 'em rice Uncaring 
Feed of ars* (shortened to feed) Bullshit
FES (pronounced Fezz) Far East Station
FFO Furnace fuel oil
FFSBU For F***s sake buck up
Fid Small marline spike or a sheaf of papers
Fish head General Service personnel (word used by Wafoos)
Figgy duff Suet pudding, usually with fruit
Flaked out Asleep or lying in relaxed position
Flag 8 Women in the vicinity
Flags Senior Rate Yeoman Signalman
Flag wagger Another name for a Bunting Tosser/Signalman
Flanker Pull a fast one as in "work a flanker"
Flash up (1) Lose your temper
Flash up (2) Start machinery/main engines etc
Flat top Aircraft carrier
Float test Ditch something overboard or getting rid of something
Flog yer log Masturbate
Flying cowboy Fleet Air Arm
FOD Foreign Object Damage
Foo Foo (see also Whompo) Talcum powder
Food Hooks Cutlery (see Gobbling Rods)
Fore and Aft Rig Chuffs and puffs uniform
Forty Four Pompey ladies (Tombola call)
Fouley Foul weather jacket with elasticated cuffs and adjustable hood (see windy burbs)
Four o'clockers Tea
Free gangway Able to proceed ashore without formal inspection
Fresh out The equivalent of no chance to a request for some item or perk
Freshers Chilly day eg it's a touch of freshers up top today
Friday while Long weekend leave
FRISP F*****g repulsive ignorant Scottish pig (Rosyth Dockyard Matey)


Gannet   Greedy
Gas & gaiters Gunnery rating
Gash  Surplus to requirements
Gash bin Rubbish bin
Gash hand Spare (but normally useless) rating 
Get your hat See in the (Rattle)
Get your lagging on Getting dressed for going ashore
Get your lagging off Get your knickers off  
G.I. Gunnery Instructor
Gizzits Free gift of any description
Glimper Someone who looks up a ladies dress when they descend an internal ladder
Gnats piss Weak beer
Go round the buoy Repeat, take a second helping
Gobbie Civilian Instructor at Artificer Training Establishments
Gobbler’s gulch Area between stocking top and suspender belt
Gobbling Rods Cutlery (see Food Hooks)
Gob shite Loudmouth
God walloper Chaplain/Padre
Goffer  (1) Big breaking wave or (2)  Fruit flavoured soft drink  
Golly Electronic warfare specialist
Goofer Spectator 
Gos Cap (tiffies term - Good Old Soak) when caps were not plastic
Grappling irons Cutlery
Green rub  Unjust treatment, detailing, draft etc
Greenies Electricians (Electrical Officers had green between the gold rings)
Grey Funnel Line The (seagoing) Royal Navy
Grippo Free treat - usually by a civilian
Gronk An ugly woman
Gronk board Mess board with pictures of ugly women 
Grounders To give away a whole tot.  Would have to be a spectacular favour for this to happen
Grubber Airframes and Engines mechanic 
Grunters Officers (derogatory)
Gruntery Wardroom
Guard & steerage 30 minute lie in for non watchkeepers working late
Gulpers Very generous gesture regarding rum usually given for a big favour eg sub for duty.  8 gulpers = 1 tot.
Gut (The) Strait Street, Valetta Malta (in)famous for bars/loose women (Gyppo Queen, Sugars etc)
Guzz Plymouth ** See Trivia (20)
Gyro failure Staggering after having one too many


Half a dog watch  Short time- usually derogative about length of service
Handsomely Slowly and carefully eg lowering a seaboat
Hang out of  Cohabit with a woman
Hard cheese (see below)
Hard shit!     Bad luck
Hard Tack Ship's biscuit
Harries Anything you don't know the name of
He-She Tranvestite (see Kytai)
He's like a Maltese hammock He doesn't have a clew
Head down  Sleep: ‘Get your head down’ 
Heads Toilet
Heads (Captain of) Rating responsible for cleaning toilets
Hedgehog Oversized prickly & painful bowel motion.  Exceeds babies heads (2) in discomfort 
Herrings in Herrings in tomato sauce (HITS)
Hoggin  The sea
Holiday When painting ship a holiday is a bit you missed
Hollywood Staying too long in the shower - using more than your fair share of water
Homeward bounders Large, untidy stitches
Honk Smell offensively
Honk (your ring up)   Be violently sick
Honky Fid Hong Kong
Hook Anchor
Hooky A leading hand
Hopping off at Fratton Bridge Coitus Interruptus.  Having intercourse without a condom.  (See Nautical Trivia Page (23)
Housewife Sewing kit - usually issued on joining up


Ickies Any foreign currency
Inflate your mate week Second week at sea
Irish Pendant Poorly secured line or hanging lanyard


Jack Sailor and also Union Flag
Jack Dusty A supply rating
Jack me Tickler A know-all sailor.  Been there done it type.
Jackproof Robust piece of equipment or kit
Jack Strop A bellicose rating
Jacksie  Anus  
Jackspeak Naval parlance
J.A.F.O. Just another f*****g observer
J.A.M.T.F. Just another mouth to feed
Jago's Mansions RN Barracks, Devonport, HMS Drake ** See Trivia (21)
Jan/Janner  West Country rating
Jankers Where you were put after being trooped
Jankers shuffle Men under punishment doubling with a rifle
Jaunty/Joss/Jossman Master at Arms  
JB Johore Bharu (near Singapore)
JD An unruly and/or delinquent junior rating
Jewish march past Checking money after run ashore
Jig-a-jig    Brothel visit  
Jimmy/Jimmy the one First Lieutenant
Jockanese  Scots accent
Jolly    A run ashore


Keks Underpants - see dung hampers
Killick   Leading hand
‘kin ‘ell!   Abbreviated expostulation
Kipper Two faced b*****d with no guts 
Kit muster Formal inspection of kit
Knacker crackers Beefy female thighs  
Knee trembler Having sex standing up
Knob jockey Rides knobs - homosexual
Knobber Homosexual
Knocking shop Brothel
Knuckle Hit somebody with fist
Knuckle bosun  Punchy matelot
Kytai (sounds KyeTie) Transvestite (He-She) see Bugis Street
Kye Cocoa made from grated dark unsweetened chocolate


La bunch of bastards French knot
Lamp tramp Electrical rating
Larboard Original word for Port (left) side of ship
Lash-up Generous hospitality also makeshift arrangements
Laughing gear Mouth
Lazy lob Partial erection
Lead on MacDick  Undiscriminating fornicator (see Fanny rat)
Leatherneck Royal Marine
Lee side Sheltered side
Leg iron Useless c**t
Leg it Disappear from the scene swiftly
Liberty Boat  Small vessel used to take Jack ashore & return him
Libertymen Jack proceeding ashore (usually at a designated time)
Lifebuoy ghost Sentry at aft end of ship when underway
Lightweight Someone with a cushy number onboard
Like a Midshipman's cabin Untidy
Limers Very strong fruit drink made from Pussers lime crystals, sugar and water
Lined up On a disciplinary charge
Listing Drunk (a matelot is often akin to a ship in a storm on such occasions)
Loafing Hanging around doing nothing
Lob on An erection
Lower Deck lawyer  A Jack me Tickler always quoting rules and regulations  


Mailey/mailies Letters from/to home usually.  See bluey
Make and Mend Afternoon off (usually given after a middle watch)
Make and Mend with leave or Sports Make and Mend Self explanatory.  (Orig. when sailors had to make own clothes and were given afternoon off to repair them - hence make and mend)
Magic Stick The Majestic Ballroom in Guzz
Malta dog  The dog - having the shits (diahorrea)
Maltese breaststroke Pulling hands towards chest as if piling up money
Maltese lace Badly sewn on badge
Mankey Filthy
Marry the falls Bringing the ropes together when lowering a seaboat
Marsovin & 7 Up Lethal Maltese cocktail
Matelot Sailor
Medical stoppage Leave/tot  stopped (see catch the boat up)
Messdeck dodger  Messdeck sweeper or cleaner
Mick  Hammock (‘sling me mick’)  
Mickey Duck Cartoon film
Mickey Mouse Killick Leading Hand with no Good Conduct Badges
Middie's Meniscus Midshipman with a drink, whose glass is topped to the brim:  Full to the brim:  Implies greed: Will not hold any more.
Middle Watch Midnight to 0400 (4am) shift (or watch)
Milestone Extra large wave periodically encountered
Mogadogshit Mogadishu (Somalia)
Mombers Mombasa, Kenya - see Black Ham
Monkeys fist Large decorative knot used to weight the end of a heaving line
Muck on a truck Meals on wheels (usually for ships in refit)
Muff diver  Rating given to oral intercourse
MUPPET Most useless person pusser ever trained
Mulct Stoppage of pay (disciplinary punishment)
Muscle bosun  PTI, or body-builder rating  
Musical fruit Baked beans or pussers peas
Muster Gather together as a group eg Duty watch muster


NAAFI rating No ambition and f*** all interest
Nap hand  Unlucky, contracting both gonorrhoea & syphilis/crabs
Navy cake Homosexual sailor
Neaters  Unwatered rum
Necky Got a nerve (as in more neck than a 3 badge giraffe at action stations with a make and mend chit)
Netley Naval nuthouse - now a housing development
Nettles The cords that make up a hammocks clews
Nigerian lager Guinness
Nine o'clockers Snack at 2100 - usually in RN Barracks (but often earlier just to confuse new joiners)
Nix and flip flops Jacks bathroom attire
North-easter  Rating having no money on pay day - NE: not entitled
Not my part of ship Not responsible
Nozzer New entrant to RN in Ganges, Raleigh or St Vincent
Number One First Lieutenant or Chinese Laundryman 
Number Two/Three etc Laundryman's assistants
Nutty Sweets
Nutty Bosun Someone with a sweet tooth


OD An unruly and/or irresponsible older hand who should know better and is a bad example to others
Oggie      Cornish pasty or native of Cornwall
Old ships Old shipmate – someone previously served with  
On the trot To desert from the RN
One all round Have a smoke break
Oppo  Close chum
Out of watch  ‘Getting a bit’ with a lady – not one’s wife/girlfriend
Out pipes Stop smoking and get back to work
Over the wall   Spell in detention quarters


P7R Medical category - Unfit for sea
PVR Premature Voluntary Release (see D by P)
Panic Bosun Someone who is excitable
Part of Ship (POS) Place of duty or compartment/workspace you are responsible for
Party  Sailors steady girlfriend
Pash Girlfriend 
Pea-doo  Long service and good conduct medal (origin obscure - but possibly "Pay Due" because of the £20 gratuity that used to be paid on award).  The LS & GC was introduced on the 24th August 1831.
Pension trap Some mishap that may prevent Jack collecting his pension after his 22
Phoo-phoo Talcum powder  
Pierhead jump  Draft at very short notice
Pig RN Officer (impolite)
Pig's meat Wrens who date only officers
Pilot Skipper's name for the Navigating Officer
Pinkie Aircraft radio mechanic
Pipe Bosuns whistle blown, normally precedes an order
Pipe down Keep silence or "out lights" and turn in
Pi-r squared rating One who can do sums, studious (derogatory)
Piso Tight (Not for me - but for my Dhaighsa (Diso) - you British matelots are so piso).
Pissed off  Fed up
Piss flap   Buttoned flap on sailors trousers
Piss flaps Female genitalia
Piss poor Not very good 
Piss strainers Saute'd kidneys (used to be served at breakfast)
PJ Poxy Jock (origin - Faslane)
Plushers/plussers  Rum remaining in tub after issue made - later Queens
Pompey Portsmouth
Polar Bears Ars*holes Linen washers (used on ring binder pages)
Pongo Army personnel
Porridge guns   Bagpipes
Potmess Messdeck stew
POTS Petty Officer Telegraphist
Pox doctor’s clerk Generally lucky
Pulpit puffda Vicar
Punkah louvre Forced air ventilation (orig India)
Push the boat out Celebrate lavishly
Pusher Another term for girlfriend
Pusser Supply Officer or someone very formal navy-style
Pusserised See Anchor Faced
Pussers Crabfat Ship's side grey paint
Pussers Issue Officially issued item of uniform/kit
Pussers Hard Navy soap
Pussers Soft Soft soap
Pussers Terrapin Steak and kidney pie (generally the rectangular shaped ones)


Quack Medical officer
Queens Rum left over in fanny after tots issued
Queens machines Royal Marines
Quick burn Rapidly and slyly smoked cigarette
Quiet number Cushy job
Quiet run Civilised run ashore
QT On the quiet/unofficial


Rabbits Presents/souvenirs or something acquired on the QT
Rabbit job Some work done on the side
Racing snake Skinny person
Ram it Get lost.  I'm not doing it!
Rattle, in the Up on a disciplinary charge
RBG Rich brown gravy
RDP Run down period (period just before going on draft when interest wanes).  As in Shep Woolley's song "Ram it - I'm RDP")
Red devil Pussers bike
Red grenade McEwans Export tin of beer
Red lead  Tinned tomatoes
Reggy Navy police
Re-scrub Do it again eg Mess Rounds not up to standard
Ringbolted Paralytic
Ring piece Anus
Ring stinger Hot curry
Roof rats Flight-deck gang
Ropey trophy Usually an elaborately decorated toilet seat taken on a mess run ashore and awarded for the ugliest female trapped that evening 
Rose cottage  Venereal disease ward or clinic
Rotten VD - see Rose Cottage
R.O.M.F.T. Roll on my f*****g time/Roll on my first twelve
Roughers Heavy seas
Rounds Usually an inspection of living/work spaces etc
Royal   Sailors name for Royal Marine – usually bootneck  
Royal Naval School of Dancing Any popular hang out for Jack to observe the local talent eg the Paramount  in Guzz in the 60's. 
Rub/rubber Loan eg Give us a rub of your dhobey dust/fiver 'til next payday etc
Rug rat Small child
Rum Bosun Person detailed to collect rum for the mess
Rum rat Person who likes more than his own tot
Run (going on the) Deserting
Run ashore Jack having a few beers 


Sailor (or Submariner's) mattress Wren
Scab lifter Medical rating
Scale Standard punishment for an offence 
Schoolie Instructor Officer
Scrambled egg Gold leaf embellishment on senior officers cap
Scran  Food
Scran-bag (1) Where kit found "sculling about" was put
Scran-bag (2) Untidy rating eg "he's dressed like a scranbag"
Screw Ship's propellor/sex
Scribes Rating in Writer branch
Scrub round it Never mind, forget it
Scupper Drain/soak away or to scupper someone's plans (to demolish the plan)
Scummer Southampton native
Scurs Sailor with beard
Scuttle Porthole
Secure Finish work
Sembewang sausage Satay dipped in sauce from a galvanised bucket sold by street vendors outside Sembewang dockyard
Sergeants Another name for Commanders
Sess (pronounced sesh) Having a booze up eg dinner time sess see DTS
Set Full beard and moustache
Seven beller Leave allowed until 1130 next day
Seven bells of shit Using excessive force eg he knocked seven bells of shit out of him
Sew Sew Ship's tailor (usually Hong Kong Chinese)
Shagnasty Person with low moral standards (nasty person)
Shake Wake someone up eg  shake your watch relief
Shakes list Book containing names of people requesting a shake
Shave off! (1)  Cry of disgust

(2)  Order to remove unacceptable facial hair 

Shit and periods Sausages and tinned tomatoes
Shit in it Shut up
Shitnicks Underpants
Shit on a Raft Braised kidneys on toast
Shitehawk Seagull
Shiters    Drunk
Shoot through Fail to keep appointment or leave run ashore early 
Shufti Take a look
Sick on toast Sandwich spread
Sickbay shackle Safety pin used to secure chin stay
Side or Sea locker (stow in the) Ditch overboard
Sin Bosun Padre
Singapore ear Ear infection
Singers Singapore
Sippers More substantial than a wet of rum. Usually given on birthdays.    4 sippers = 1 gulper
Skate Idle loafing sod
Skidders Dubious stain on back of underpants
Skin/skin and essence Young looking sailor - usually not yet shaving
Skive off Avoid work detail
Skylarking Messing around
Sky Pilot Padre
Slack hammock Badly lashed hammock/punishment for oversleeping 
Slap in Make a written request eg "I'm going to slap in to see some b*****d about this.
Slide Butter (when available)
Sling yer hook Go away! (impolite)
Slop chit List of responsibilities
Slop Room See (Slops) below
Slops Clothing, tobacco, mainly cash sales
Smidgen A very small quantity (origin - Chatham Dockyard Maties)
Snapper Homosexual 
SNLR Services no longer required
Snotty Midshipman
Sods opera Ship's concert
Soogie Mixture of water and soft soap to wash down paintwork
Spaghetti bollock naked Spaghetti bolognese
Spanner wanker FAA Airframes/engines mechanic
Sparks Radio Operator
Spasm chasm Vagina
Spinning a yarn Telling a far fetched or misleading story
Spithead pheasant Kipper
Spitkid Gashbin in messeck (originally used for spitting in - spitoon)
Split-arse mechanic Female (derogatory)
Sports pages Love letter
Sprog Child or baby. (Old Navy. Allegedly entered in the physicians log as the acronym - SPROG - Sibling Produced Recoil of Gun - when the gun was used to assist childbirth).  Also a new Artificer Apprentice Fag as in John Brown's schooldays.
Square it off Tidy things up
Square rig     Junior ratings uniform  
Squeegie Implement with a rubber strip on the end of a broom handle to clear water
Squeeze up  Experience VD
Squid Ahead throwing anti-submarine mortar
SRD Maltese dark rum almost as good as Pussers
Stand down Relax from duty
Stand easy NAAFI/Tea break 
Station Card Card given to  gangway staff prior to going ashore
Stamps   Of no important status
Stand to Prepare for action
Stickies Collective name for stodge cakes, buns etc as in "Tea and Stickies"
Sticky greens Drinks bought for bar girls
Stoker Engine room mechanic
Stonker    Erection
Stow Put away safe and tidy (lash up and stow)
Straight rush  Roast meat and vegetables
Stroll on!  An expression of incredulity
Sub Stand in for duty
Suck back Change your mind or Uckers ploy/move
Submariners Dhobi Dust Talcum powder
Sun dodger Submariner
Swain Coxswain – senior rate of a small warship  
Swallow the anchor Retire
Swansea virgin Welsh rarebit
Sweating neaters  Very anxious state
Swinging the lamp Telling sea stories
Swinging the lead Lazy, going through the motions of doing something without achieving anything


Tailor-made  Manufactured cigarette as opposed to hand-rolled
Tanky Rating responsible for liquid eg fresh water/fuel
TAS ape Towed array sonar Operators
Tea and stickies Friendly non alcoholic hospitality
Technicolour yawn (Fairly self explanatory)
Teepol Pussers equivalent of Fairy Liquid
Tiddley Smart
Tin fish Torpedo
Tiger tops Favourite drink - Fleet Canteen Singapore 
That is all Phrase to end a pipe that starts D'ye hear there
Thickers  Condensed milk
Thin out To go home, depart or leave (the vicinity)
Thousand miler Casual shirt/top worn for a long time 
Three badge AB Able Seaman with three Good Conduct Badges
Three badge FA Alternative to above (work it out).  Also Three badges gold.  Too f..king old.
Three sheets to the wind Drunk and/or out of control
Tickler  Navy issue cigarette tobacco
Tiddley     Smart, as in “tiddley suit” No 1 uniform  
Tiffy    Artificer
Tilley Dockyard utility vehicle
Tinned fishes Sardines
To call for a damp A silent deadly (or Ninja) fart.  See Nautical Trivia page (22)
Toggle and two   Male genitalia
Tombola Bingo - Navy style
Toothwright Dentist
Torpoint chicken  (Built like) ie all prick and toenails
Tottie Good looking girl
Townie  Shipmate with the same home town  
Train smash Ketchup
Tram smash   Bacon and tinned tomato
Trap/trapping Ashore, out looking for women
Trick cyclist Pyschiatrist
Troop See in the Rattle
Truck Wooden cap on top of a mast - see Button
Turd burglar Tool/rating to clear blocked heads
Turn in Go to bed
Turn to Start work
Turtles head Constipated poo protruding from the anal sphincter - usually stuck
Twelve Continuous service engagement of 12 years  
Two sheets to the wind Intoxicated
Two six, heave  Words spoken prior to a co-ordinated lift etc
Two's up     Reserving position eg "two's up with that book"


Uckers Ludo - Navy style
Ullage  Residue in a barrel ie worthless
Up and down and round and round Everything is OK
Up harbour night See Channel night
Up homers   Family hospitality extended to Jack in a foreign port (see Grippo)
Up spirits Piped order prior to rum issue - sometimes followed by Stand Fast The Holy Ghost!
Up the line    Usually going home on leave
Up the trot Reserve Fleet 
Upper scuppers Upper deck
Upside down head   A bald sailor with a beard


Vampires bag meal Performing oral sex on a lady at the wrong time of month/Used sanitary towel in a bun/bap/roll
Victualled  Living on board
Virgins corner  Area in Neesoon (Singapore) where the elderly prostitutes gathered


Wafoo Fleet Air Arm personnel.  Also WAFU Wet and f****ng useless.
Wanchai burberry  Hong Kong umbrella usually costing a dollar
Wank your very crutch Thank you very much
Warming the bell  Returning onboard only just in time
Watch on stop on  Continuous duty without relief
Weed, weejie     To be angry
Weighed off (1)  Understands the situation/problem or (2) Punished ie the Skipper has weighed him off for being adrift.
Wet (Have a) Taste of shipmates rum/Friendly gesture
Wet as a scrubber  Description of a useless individual
White empire Supply & Secretariat branch
Whompo More expensive than foo foo
Widows hop Weekly dance in Plymouth for ladies over 30 (meant to be easy prey but it never worked out like that).
Wind yer neck in!  Shut up!
Windward Opposite of lee side
Windy burbs Lightweight nylon jacket (see Fouley)
Windy chisel or hammer Air driven tool for paint chipping
Winger/Wings  Another word for oppo
Wodge A very large quantity of anything
Wood butcher  Carpenter or chippy
Woofter Homosexual
Working your/his/my ticket Intentionally getting into trouble to get discharged from the RN 
Wordsmith Someone with the gift of the gab  
Wrap up  Give up doing or saying something  


X-Factor  That unknown additional element in Jack's pay 


Yaffle  Eat greedily
Yellow Peril Poached smoked haddock
Yodel in a bucket  Be seasick
Yomp Going on a long forced march
Yonks A long time eg I haven't done that for yonks
You-can’t bend-it    (1)  Vague reference or (2) Chips in a French stick from a chip shop in Gib


Zeds    Sleep - he's piling up the zeds


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